Monday, November 15, 2004

New FoxPro WebRAD Tool : FoxFusion

FoxFusion, a FoxPro WebRAD tool.

The website is in French, therefore I can't get any info about it in details. (May be I should start learning French). AFAIK, it relies on ASP (Active Server Pages) model, COM, IIS. It also supports xBase code as scripting language.

I hope English version of FoxFusion website would be avaiable soon. Then, I can know more about it, especially what is the difference between FoxFusion and other FoxPro WebRAD tool such as AVFP, AFP, FoxWeb, WebConnect and etc.

Seem like most of FoxPro WebRAD tools are more focus on backend. As this moment, only Voodoo provides a set of classes for use in Web applications that behave very similar to the Visual FoxPro base classes used to build Windows® applications which is inspired by ASP.NET. Of course, some of them (backend focused) have integrated with Voodoo such as AFP and WebConnect.


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