Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Small try on VFP DataExplorer

DataExplorer (DE) is an addon tool come with VFP9. It allows us to access VFP/SQL database from single interface. It acts as same functionality as Server Explorer in VisualStudio.NET.

I just have a small try on DE since last few days. The main reason I use it is, I want to check my data which stored in SQL Server 2005 for testing.

I use Query Anaylyzer QA) for data checking in SQL Server 2000, and I like it so much. However, Query Analyzer (isqlw.exe) is no longer available in SQL Server 2005. It has been built-in to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Loading time of SSMS is very slow in my dual core processor, 1GB RAM machine. It becomes the reason for me to "abondon" SSMS and have a try with VFP DE.

DE is not as powerful as Query Anaylzer nor SSMS. But it is enough for me to check data. Some features and suprises (at least for me) I found during my exploring : -
  1. Can use T-SQL such as USE myDatabase inside DataExplorer.
  2. Supports F5 key to run "script".
  3. Supports multiple return result sets.
  4. Supports parameterized SQL statement. For example, VFP will prompt for input if we include "?mypara" in SQL.
  5. Query result is much faster than SSMS.
  6. Copy result to clipboard. Extremely fast!!
Although, most of the "suprises" mentioned above are part of VFP SPT functionality. That shouldn't be any suprise. However, when combine them to build a utility like DE, it gives me better perception of VFP. :)

One wishlist for DE, make result set updatable would be wonderful world!


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