Sunday, September 10, 2006

TechEd2006 SEA

I just back from TechEd2006 SEA. Overally, I feel abit dissapointed on this year session. I attended Developer, Architecture or Enterprise Data Management tracks.

I felt big dissapointed to developer track for this year because I didn't see any cool new features session. WPF is the one attract my interest mostly. However, it seem like more for UI designer rather than database developer like me. Topics on .NET 2.0 also are not new for me either (even though I didn't use it).

I am big fan of Architeture track. However, all of the sessions are level 100-200. It just provides overview and couldn't help much in my job. I think presenter should provide more scenarios, when to use each approach, how to apply it and what is the best practise.

The big new I get from here is IASA community is formed. It is community specially for anyone who interested on Software Architecture. It is run by IT industry expert, volunteery.

This is my first time to attend EDM track session. Generally, I feel satisfy with it. I learnt a lot about new SQL Server 2005 features. For example, table partitioning, database snapshot, database encryption and database mirroring. I think Microsoft very focus on high availability feature in SQL Server 2005. It is covered in at least three sessions. Each of them provide deeper information. I am going to research more and observe how it could be applied in my job.

Finally, I do feel the venue, facilities, crew services are good. But the foods .... hmmm... In fact, I never satisfy with TechEd food ever....

Anyway, I will attend TechEd2007 (if any, and held in KL, Malaysia) either because it the the most affordable conference. See you again in TechEd2007.


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