Friday, May 05, 2006

How to make Visual FoxPro cool from Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey has an excellent post, "How to make Visual FoxPro cool".

Totally agree with him, perception to VFP outside of VFP community is the main problem.

How to make VFP cool
Andrew MacNeill has couple of suggestions, such as using ActiveX to improve UI, write custom tool to replace the native tools using MENUHIT and etc.

My question are : -

1. Why 3rd party tool? Remember most of them are not free. Why does .NET provide these tools natively but VFP got to use external tool?
2. Why do VFP developers alway required to write tool for it? VFP is designed to be flexible, customizable, provide good function and hook to bind windows event. Does it meant developer got to write tool themselves?


VFP has been staying in TIOBE top 20 list since January 2006. It is at the position 13th with status 'A-'.

It shows the influence of VFP community.