Saturday, August 20, 2005

GKK ProjectManager

An alternative project manager - GKK ProjectManager from Greg Green is avaiable for download via Universalthread download section. link

This project manager combines a lot of the needed features found in separate tools such as built-in search, file compare, todo list, custom editors and more. Take a look at the screencast to learn how to use it.

[Source : Andrew MacNeill]

Online Conference - The End

My four day .NET online training class has been ended. Frankly speaking, it is a great class. Good .NET framwork overview is delivered. The contents are easy to understand with simple example. Presenter's presentation is loud and clear. I would rate it 4 stars. I learn alot from the class.

Anyhow, that are also some weaknesses. Beside of what I mentioned in Online Conference - Part II, :
  1. We faced problem of phone dead. We lost presenter's voice sometime.

  2. Presenter's screen "hang" at client site. Presenter got to create a new meeting and we got to re-join it. Some time was wasted here and cause we run out of time. I think it would be technical problem.
More testing should be taken before the training go live!

My wish list :
  1. More similar online trainings (got practically would be the best) such as MM.NET course.

  2. Organizer can provides recording service, allow attendees to download it for review later.

  3. Having the conference in the morning (9am - 1pm EST), then I don't have to work "night shift". My local time is exactly twelve hours ahead of US -New York time. You can imagine I was attending training while my colleagues were sleeping sweetly. :'(
Conclusion, good experience!!!!!! Thank you.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Online Conference - Part II

I miss out my third day training class :(

I never know that the conference access code is changing everyday. And, I didn't receive any email or notification about it. I suspected the email is filtered somewhere.

Last night, I keep sending direct email to organizer and his company. Also, I make an international call to the organizer's company but no luck. I couldn't get them. Organizer noticed my email only after the class. Everything is over!

From this lesson, I would suggest to ask for alternative way to contact organizer such as MSN/Yahoo messager ID, in case we need helps on connecting to the training.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Online Conference

I am attending online training - .NET for VFP developer for four days, from August 16-19 2005, 1-5pm EST.

It is my first experienced online conference. It is a great. I learn alot not only about .NET framework. I do feel that the concept of online conference is workable. I wish VFP DevCon can be online either, especially good for peoples like me has no opportunity to attend DevCon live!

There are some preparations need to be done to attend online conference :
  1. Check out the corresponding conference date and time at your location. Check out The World Clock - Time Zones for more info.

  2. Determine whether the conference organizer provides recording setup. You may appreciate it if you feel want to download and review the conference session later.

  3. What if conference organizer is not recording the session? Then it is important to get the permission from organizer in order for you to record it at your side. Get ready some of the software for recording. Camtasia is a great recording tool that you can consider. Also, make sure you have enough hard disk spaces. Four hours conference may take out 800MB of spaces

  4. Some conference required conference joiner to dial call (international call, may be) in order to get voice (Just like this training). Check out the rate from your telekom. Skype is a excellent tool to use for this purpose. The audio quality is good. Most importantly, it save you alot of money if you need to make international call. SkypeOut Rate is here. You may required to have authenication upon calling in order to get into it. Download the latest version of Skype, currently is 1.3. Prior to Skype 1.3, you may not able to get the authenication done correctly at remote site.

  5. Go to Volumn Control | Options | Properties, select you mixer device, recording option. Make sure Stereo Mix is selected. It is necessary to record audio, then only the speaker output could be recorded. Otherwise, you would need to place your microphone beside of speaker.

  6. Get your microphone, speaker or headset ready.

Ok, go back for training! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

New ReportPreview App for Visual FoxPro - Craig Boyd

Take a look here, how to customize reportpreviewer.

Skinning a form in Visual FoxPro - Craig Boyd

Check out this simpler and straightforward way to skin VFP form. Download the sample, and follow the intructions to skin form with your own skin.

It only skin your form, but not other controls such as command button as VFPSkin does.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August 2005 - Letter from the Editor

it is online now!
Exciting news, Calvin will present the new language features being added to a future version of Visual Basic for data-centric .NET programming significantly based on Visual FoxPro technology in Southwest Fox 2005 conference!

What's after VFP9?

David Stevenson - Editor of Foxtalk 2.0 had an interview with Alan Griver and Ken Levy regarding the future of VFP. Click here to read.
Ken Levy and Alan Griver have clearly clarified the future of VFP. Conclusion, MS expect VFP developer to start using Windows more. .NET is the underlying platform for everything we’re doing over the next 10+ years.